The MJT Range
The MJT Components range offers a vast selection of detailing items for 4mm/1ft (OO) scale rolling stock.

The Dart Castings Range
The Dart Castings range includes cast scenic detailing accessories and horse drawn vehicles in 4mm/1ft (00) scale.

The Monty's Models OO Gauge Range
The Monty's Models OO Gauge range of 1:76 scale (4mm to the foot) miniature figures are suitable for railways modelled to OO, EM or P4 standards as well as dioramas in 1:76 scale. We are adding to the range all the time.

The Monty's Models O Gauge Range
Based on the continuing success of the OO gauge range, a while ago we ventured into figures for O Gauge. All of the figures are the correct size for O Gauge (1:43 scale, 7mm to the foot) but would be equally at home in any 1:43 scale diorama.

The Trackpass Range
The TRACKPASS range of 1:43 scale (7mm) figures features various characters that might be found at motor sport events. Primarily intended to complement 1:43 scale racing cars, modellers may find that some of the figures can be used more widely.

The Shire Scenes Range
The Shire Scenes range provides a wide selection of etched brass scenic detailing accessories, horse drawn vehicles and GWR coach components for 4mm/1ft (OO) and 2mm/1ft (N) scales.

The Frogmore Confederacy Range
The Frogmore Confederacy range is aimed at GWR modellers working in 4mm/1ft (OO) scale and includes GWR rolling stock kits and specialist parts.

Coronavirus Update:
We remain open for business for online sales and postal orders although we will not be attending shows until the situation with Covid-19 coronavirus has passed.

However some UK Royal Mail deliveries are currently suffering severe delays due to the pandemic. We are endeavouring to dispatch orders as quickly as we can but we are aware that some packages are taking nearly three weeks to arrive.

Overseas deliveries are currently subject to severe delays dependant on the destination country. We strongly advise overseas customers to check with their local mail services regarding the delays and restrictions before placing an order. While we will continue to accept overseas orders we may choose to delay dispatch until we are confident that packages will not be lost or returned. And of course, at the moment, we do not know how long that will be.

More information from Royal Mail can be found by clicking here.

What We Do:
We manufacture and supply miniature figures and scenic accessories, made from etched brass and cast white metal, in the Dart Castings, Monty's Models and Shire Scenes product ranges along with model railway vehicle detailing parts in the MJT Scale Components range.

We also supply the Frogmore Confederacy range of detailing parts for Great Western Railway vehicles and the Trackpass range of 1:43 scale motor sport figures. While our roots are in model railways many of the items we supply can be used in other modelling projects such as dioramas and photographic work.

All castings and etches are made in Great Britain and are supplied unpainted. Please use the tabs at the top of each page to to navigate the site.

New items added to range:
Two new sets of etched sides for GWR 4 wheeled coaches have been added to the Shire Scenes range. One is a Diagram R3 4 Compartment First; S125. This is a 'Holden' coach; 8ft 6in wide to the Metropolitan loading gauge and featuring the round topped Metropolitan doors. Originally, these coaches were steam hauled by the GWR on what are now the London Underground Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan Main lines. They featured in close coupled sets alongside such vehicles as the Diagram S17 (Shire Scenes S106M) 5 Compartment Third and Diagram T59 (Shire Scenes S107M) 5 Compartment Brake Third. The R3 will allow modellers to add some first class accommodation to inner city trains. In later life these coaches were moved to other parts of the GWR system, and in particular to branch lines.

The other new coach sides represent a Diagram U25 4 Compartment Brake Composite; S128. This vehicle has the guard’s compartment at one end with a wider profile to accommodate the guard’s duckets. It is very similar to the Diagram T49 4 Compartment Brake Third (Shire Scenes S126) but with a small amount of fist class accommodation for situations where traffic levels demanded it.

While not strictly new, the 3909 Dean Vacuum Brake assembly from the Frogmore Confederacy range has been completely re-tooled and now includes a cast vacuum reservoir yank as well as a cast brake operating cylinder.

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