The MJT Range
The MJT Components range offers a vast selection of detailing items for 4mm/1ft (OO) scale rolling stock.

The Dart Castings Range
The Dart Castings range includes cast scenic detailing accessories and horse drawn vehicles in 4mm/1ft (00) scale.

The Monty's Models OO Gauge Range
The Monty's Models OO Gauge range of 1:76 scale (4mm to the foot) miniature figures are suitable for railways modelled to OO, EM or P4 standards as well as dioramas in 1:76 scale. We are adding to the range all the time.

The Monty's Models O Gauge Range
Based on the continuing success of the OO gauge range, a while ago we ventured into figures for O Gauge. All of the figures are the correct size for O Gauge (1:43 scale, 7mm to the foot) but would be equally at home in any 1:43 scale diorama.

The Trackpass Range
The TRACKPASS range of 1:43 scale (7mm) figures features various characters that might be found at motor sport events. Primarily intended to complement 1:43 scale racing cars, modellers may find that some of the figures can be used more widely.

The Shire Scenes Range
The Shire Scenes range provides a wide selection of etched brass scenic detailing accessories, horse drawn vehicles and GWR coach components for 4mm/1ft (OO) and 2mm/1ft (N) scales.

The Frogmore Confederacy Range
The Frogmore Confederacy range is aimed at GWR modellers working in 4mm/1ft (OO) scale and includes GWR rolling stock kits and specialist parts.

Christmas 2021:
In the past we have always attempted to clear all online orders by the last posting day before Christmas. Unfortunately, due to an unprecedented number of orders creating a significant backlog we do not believe we will be able to achieve that this year. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. Obviously, we will do all we can.

In the mean time we would like to thank all our customers for their support over what has been a difficult couple of years for everyone and to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

What We Do:
We manufacture and supply miniature figures and scenic accessories, made from etched brass and cast white metal, in the Dart Castings, Monty's Models and Shire Scenes product ranges along with model railway vehicle detailing parts in the MJT Scale Components range.

We also supply the Frogmore Confederacy range of detailing parts for Great Western Railway vehicles and the Trackpass range of 1:43 scale motor sport figures. While our roots are in model railways many of the items we supply can be used in other modelling projects such as dioramas and photographic work.

All castings and etches are made in Great Britain and are supplied unpainted. Please use the tabs at the top of each page to to navigate the site.

New items added to range:
Six new figures have been added to the Monty’s range of 1:43 (O Gauge) figures. MGV28 is a Young Lady dressed in a 1950’s style dress. MGV29 is a Country Gentleman in horse riding attire. He is wearing jodhpurs, riding boots and is carrying a riding crop. MGV31 and MGV32 are Mariners. Both are wearing woollen jumpers, sea boots and oilskin trousers although both the boots and trousers can be painted to represent different materials. The significant difference is that MGV31 is wearing a hat (straw perhaps) while MGV32 is bear headed. While intended as sea going folk, they could be used more generally as men wearing jumpers and boots depending on how they are painted. MGV33 is actually two figures; a Bus Crew. The driver and conductor are both standing as if they are not actually on the bus but having a chat while waiting at the terminus for their next trip.

Four new figures have been added to the Monty’s range of 1:76 (OO gauge) figures. MSV76 is a man standing and holding a box or crate. Could be working in a warehouse, delivering a parcel or waiting to load a package into the luggage compartment of a train. MLV48 is a man lying face down on the ground. Hiding or just resting. MLV49 is a young lady sitting on the ground. In the park during her lunch break or simply enjoying the world outside the office. MNV16 is an addition to the ‘modern image’ range of figures. A young lady wearing a jacket and a short skirt.

A Donkey and a Friesian Horse A24 and A29 have been added to the Dart Castings range of equine figures. Both are unharnessed. The Donkey is in a head down pose possibly eating from a nose bag (not supplied). The Friesian Horse originated in the Friesland area of the Netherlands. They are an attractive breed and quite small in stature; used as small draft horses and for riding. As a European prototype the Friesian is modelled to a scale of 1:87 (HO gauge) standing at about 13 hands (52 inches). In 1:76 scale (OO Gauge) he stands at a little over 11 hands (45 inches) and so could be used as a small horse or in the background on a scenic layout.

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