The Friesian breed originated in the Friesland region of the Netherlands. The horses are used either for riding or as draft horses but this example is modelled without saddle or harness. This horse is modelled to a scale of 1:87 (HO Gauge) and stands about 13 hands (52 inches) high. In 1:76 scale (OO Gauge) he is a little smaller at 11hands (44 inches) and could be used as a small horse or in the background on a scenic layout to give depth.

DART CASTINGS equine figures are cast in white metal from hand sculpted originals. The figure in the illustration has been painted with grey primer for clarity.

While originally conceived for use with model railways, the breadth of the range and the realism of each character make them ideal for use in many other applications including photographic projects, dioramas, architectural, military and automotive models.

(HO Gauge)

Supplied unpainted

Price: £2.60

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