Around 18 hands (72in). A large Suffolk Punch horse modelled with harness. Head turned to the left. Can be used alone or with Team Horse 2 A5 to make a team of two similar horses for use with vehicles like the Pantechnicon S56 (side by side) or Timber Carriage L51 (one behind the other).

DART CASTINGS equine figures are cast in white metal from hand sculpted originals. The figure in the illustration has been painted with grey primer for clarity.

While originally conceived for use with model railways, the breadth of the range and the realism of each character make them ideal for use in many other applications including photographic projects, dioramas, architectural, military and automotive models.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Supplied with separate head which must be attached to the body.

Price: £2.60

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