Cast coach ends with separate buffer plates and jumper boxes. Suitable for use with etched coach sides from the MJT range MJT 1002 2EPB, MJT 1003 4EPB, and MJT 1007 2HAP. 2 complete ends per pack.

It was only necessary to have alarm gear on one end of each car. Clearly, on driving cars this would be at the opposite end from from the cab. On non-driving trailers (4-EPBs - Class 415s) one end would feature alarm gear and the other end wouldn't - see MJT1103.
These ends feature one of (at least) two different alarm gear configurations that could be found on these EMUs. The configuration used appears to depend more on build date that the type of unit. A little license might therefore be needed on these partially obscurred parts of the cars. Alternatively, ends without alarm gear (MJT 1103) could be adapted using suitable wire and small styrene blocks. It is recommended that specific units are researched.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Price: £5.50

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