Newly Re-tooled

These W Irons are intended to make a compensated three axle chassis of any reasonable wheelbase. In essence they make a compensated 2 axle chassis with a centre axle which is constrained to be in the correct position but that will follow the track profile.

They complement the MJT range of axleboxes and springs. They feature:
• 15 thou (0.38 mm) brass for additional rigidity.
• W Irons which are held parallel (as viewed from the end)
• Capability to take a 3 ft 7 in (14 mm) diameter wheelset.

Changes to the tooling include:
• The inclusion of an alternative internal unit to support the centre axle where it is known that the vehicle will have to negotiate tight curves - See Note below.
• Improved clearance for the deeper flanges found on some OO gauge wheels.
• Alternative trunion style mounting bracket for the rocking axle carrier.

Further details can be found in the assembly instructions which can be downloaded here

Pin Point bearings - waisted (MJT 4009) and shouldered (MJT 4010) - are suitable for use with these W Irons.

Note: The ability of a three axle vehicle to negotiate a tight curve is limited by the combined effects of the overall wheelbase and the available sides to side movement of the centre axle between the solebars. It is recommended that customers read the more thorough description of these limitataions click here.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Price: £3.60

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