These units provide a frame onto which MJT cast white metal cosmetic bogie sides can be fitted to make a rigid bogie with low down weight.

They consist of an etched brass 'outside bearing' subframe which will accept standard bearings and wheelsets from Gibson, Jackson, Maygib, Ultrascale, etc. The frame can be mounted on the coach underframe using either a press stud - which is supplied - or an 8BA screw and nut. The press stud allows the bogie to be attached and removed easily and it can be a 'plug in' replacement for an existing MJT CCU. Alex Jackson couplings may also be fitted. To finish the bogie the modeller must provide bearings and wheelsets to the appropriate gauge and cosmetic side frames. MJT cosmetic bogie sideframes MJT 2401 LMS 9 ft Rivetted, MJT 2402 LMS 9 ft Welded, MJT 2421 GWR 9 ft American, MJT 2422 GWR 9 ft Pressed Steel and 2424 GWR 9ft Fishbelly are suitable for use with this Bogie Frame but any sideframes with the correct wheelbase can be accommodated provided the rear face is filed flat.

Brass Pin Point bearings - waisted (MJT 4009) and shouldered (MJT 4010) - are suitable for use with this frame.

Provision is made on the frame to attach an MJT coupling tongue with a standard NEM 362 pocket which is available separately (MJT 2580).

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Pack contains two rigid bogie frames - sufficient for two bogies.

A fuller description of this item is given in the assembly instructions which can be downloaded here.

Price: £7.00

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