A choice of detailed or basic Locomotive Hornblock designs is offered for use with chassis built using the Flexichas principle devised by Mike Sharman. Further details of this method of construction can be found in Mike Sharman's book 'Flexichas . A Way to Build Fully Compensated Locomotive Chassis'. Both designs feature a bespoke brass square bearing which is positively located by the hornguide with no thin brass edge to wear away. They will fit any standard 6mm wide hornblock cut-out which extends 4mm above the normal axle centre line on the chassis mainframe. Bearings are provided sufficient for three axles but the etch carries enough guides for four.

Basic Option
Comprises: etched fret, 4 square bearings and 2 top hat bearings.
This is a simpler version of the MJT 4002. By omitting the prototype detailing a smaller, less expensive and easier to assemble unit results. The square bearings use a different method of retention form that on the 4001 and the fixed axle can only be removed from the chassis by removing a wheel.
Additional square bearings are available MJT 4006

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Price: £7.00

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