Diagram T59 Five Compartment Brake Third. LE4MW 'Metro' Profile (Lewis System).

31 ft 3/4 in Body, 19 ft 0 in wheelbase.

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Designed to be used with the Ratio 613 long chassis.

Having been designed to fit the Ratio LE7N profile, these sides are 1 mm ( 3in) too high. This has been distributed across the windows and panelling below the eaves and waist. The Ratio kit and, importantly, its moulded ends and roof, are too narrow; the ends have 5 panels instead of 6. Optionally, cast springs and axleboxes (MJT 2258), sprung buffers (MJT 2335S), gas lamp tops (MJT 2945) and etched brass ends (Shire S113M ) are available. The etched ends simply replace the moulded ends and do not correct the width. Note: if converting a Ratio kit, the gas lamp tops will have to be replaced as the existing ones are moulded into the roof in the wrong places for this vehicle.

While these sides represent a relatively straightforward conversion, a more accurate, re-tooled version to the correct width and profile is available as S107M. The S107M is a rather more complicated conversion which uses fewer parts from the Ratio kit and involves widening the roof.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Grey parts on diagram are from Ratio kit.

For more information on this range of etched sides, how they can be used to represent various GWR coaches and the Lewis System for categorisation of coach profiles click here.

Price: £6.00

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