Coach ends. LA9N profile (Lewis System). Low, single Arc with 9inch eaves Narrow

Single arc version of the coach ends. The success of the Shire S104 Siphon is due in part to the incorporation of etched ends that attached to the Ratio coach floor. This is possible due to the Siphon's two-overlay construction, not employed on the brass coach ends. By using double folding ‘wings' on the S114M it has proved possible to circumvent this shortcoming and provide fixing tabs which allow the new ends fix directly to the Ratio floor and then support the replacement sides. These LA9N ends are 3in (1mm) lower than the LE7N ends. This creates the prototypical variation in the roof line which typified a mixed rake of GWR 4 and 6 wheeled vehicles. Note; These ends are designed to work with the S105 and S112 and therefore incorporate the same compromises in the (solebar to cantrail) height of the sides themselves.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

For more information on this range of etched sides and ends, how they can be used to represent various GWR coaches and the Lewis System for categorisation of coach profiles click here.

A construction guide for these Coach Ends can be downloaded here

Price: £8.00

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