Diagram U25 4 Compartment Brake Composite. LE7N profile (Lewis Syetem).

31 ft 3/4 in Body, 19 ft 0 in wheelbase.

Designed to be used with the Ratio 613 long chassis.
Etched brass ends are included with the sides.

This coach makes an interesting change from the general pattern of GWR 4 & 6 wheel vehicles insofar at the guards 'duckets' or 'projections' are at the extreme end of the coach and thus form part of the coach ends. The 15 U25s were constructed in 1895 and 1896 to provide a small amount of first class accomodation on selected branch line services. Two of the fleet had their projecting guard's duckets removed and were re-classified U24. Because the handbrake standard was mounted at the end of the vehicle a 'blister' was introduced in the end. V hangers and cranks below the buffer connected to the braking system. The blister was removed when the coach entered departmental service. This kit contains the blister and cranks and an alternate blanking piece for the coach end.

Optionally, cast springs and axleboxes (MJT 2258), sprung buffers (MJT 2335S) and gas lamp tops (MJT 2945) are also available. Note: if converting a Ratio kit, the gas lamp tops will have to be replaced as the existing ones are moulded into the roof in the wrong places for this vehicle.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Grey parts on diagram are from Ratio kit.

For more information on this range of etched sides, how they can be used to represent various GWR coaches and the Lewis System for categorisation of coach profiles click here.

A construction guide specific to this vehicle can be downloaded here

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