Climax wind pump supplied with a choice of turbine or polder vanes; the illustration show the turbine vanes. Frequently found in the USA but also in the UK, Europe and elsewhere for pumping water or sometimes generating electricity. The polder vanes are more likley to be found on European prototypes.

It is supplied with all the necessary tubes, rods etc. and if built with care (and a little judicious lubrication) it can be made to rotate under the influence of drafts, hair driers, etc. Modelers who might like to motorise it are 'on their own'.

Modeled to a compromise scale of 1:80 it is suitable for HO or OO layouts and dioramas. The windpump stands about 125 mm high.

A wind pump similar to this features very briefly in the science fiction road movie "Paul" when it is demolished by the 'heroes' camper van (RV).

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Supplied as unpainted, flat etched brass fret.

Price: £18.00

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