In July 1963 a comittee was established under the chairmanship of Sir Walter Worboys to review the design of road sinage in the UK. The familiar pictorial signs that are prevalent today were the result. Prior to this road signs made more use of wording but the shapes of the signs were no less important. A selection of different sign shapes and the associated pole capitals is presented here. While largely superceeded by the newer design, examples of the older design remained in use for a long time and a few can even be found today.

The backplates for the signs and the pole capitals are etched and where appropriate a vertical, half-etched line is provided for alignment. It is intended that the plates be mounted on tube with an outside diamter of 1mm and an inside diameter of 0.5mm. The spikes on the bottom of the capitals will fit into such a tube.

A starter set of 6 x 45mm lengths of tube is supplied with the etch. There was no standardisation in the heights of the poles.

Die cut, pre-printed signs to fit the plates are available from Trackside Signs.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Supplied as unpainted, flat etched brass fret.

Much detail about these signs can be found by clicking here .

Price: £6.20

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