1000: BR (SR) 4CIG (CLASS 421)

A set of 8 etched coach sides enabling the modeller to construct a 4 car BR (S) Electric Multiple Unit based on proprietary donor vehicles from Bachmann, Hornby etc., or using other parts from the MJT and other manufacturer's ranges. Coach ends, roofs, underframes, bogies and detailing parts are available to accompany these sides; MJT 1100 Cab Ends, MJT 2900 Underframe, MJT 2970 Roof, MJT 2455 or MJT 2455A Power Bogie, MJT 2449 Trailer Bogie, MJT 2942 or MJT 2943 Roof Ventilators.

Instructions feature a thumbnail history of the class, with numbering and livery details.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Included is a small etched fret carrying grab handles and windscreen wipers.

Price: £38.80

Temporarily Out of Stock

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