Formerly MJT 1005.

This kit can be used to convert the Hornby SWB motor bogie to create a power bogie forBR (SR) EMU and DEMU types 2EPB MJT 1002, 4EPB MJT 1003, 2HAP MJT 1007, 4CEP MJT 1010, 4BEP, 3H MJT 1009 (see note) and GLV MJT 1005. They are also suitable for certain variants of the 4CIG MJT 1000 and 4BIG MJT 1001 (see note) . The MLV Motor Luggage Vans, MJT 1006, used a very similar motor bogie with heavier duty springs. Although the prototype motor bogies were of 8ft 9in wheelbase the castings are produced to 8ft 6in (34mm) wheelbase to match the Hornby SWB block. The pack contains cast side frames, wheel guards, shoe beams and fuse boxes. Sufficient for one bogie.

The shoe beams which are supplied with this unit are also available separately - MJT 2463 - for use with a the 8ft 6in current collecting trailer bogie at the other end of the unit. For the 3H DEMU the pick up shoes are obviously not needed.

Note: Clearly visible on the DEMUs and early 4CIGs and 4BIGs was a vertical hydraulic damper mounted on the outside of the frame between the frame and bolster. This was a Mk4 Power Bogie which in all other respects appeared the same as the Mk3. Other units may have carried this damper but it would have been hiden behind the shoe gear.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

One Bogie

Price: £8.00

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