Includes sideframe castings with bolster detail, etched nickel silver brake rigging and separate vertical damper and traction rod assemblies. The traction rod assembly (marked x) on one side of this bogie is the mirror image of that on the other side. It is important, therefore, to ensure that the sides are correctly paired and that the bogies are mounted the right way round on the coach. Being a locomotive (Class 73) bogie it rides a little higher than a standard coach bogie. MJT offer an 8 ft 9 in CCU, MJT 2518 which is specifically designed for use with the Mk6 Power Bogie. Care should also be taken when choosing wheels. When new, the wheelsets fitted to Class 73 locomotives were 3 ft 4 in in diameter but it is understood that the EMUs were often fitted with older wheelsets that had been turned and so were slightly smaller in diameter. MJT is not aware of a commercial source of 3 ft 4 in (13.4 mm) wheels in OO, EM of P4 gauge and so a compromise is likely to be necessary. Account should be taken of any small error when setting the ride height of the coach.

This power bogie was used without shoe beams attached on the later SR Slam Door EMUs: 4CIG (phase 2) MJT 1000, 4BIG (phase 2) MJT 1001 and 4VEP MJT 1008.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Pack contains four sides (two mirror image pairs) - sufficient for two bogies (one coach).

MJT cosmetic bogie side are supplied without brake shoes which are available separately - MJT items 2461 and 2462.

Price: £8.20

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