3955: GWR K36

Etched sides to build up a GWR K36 Toplight Full Brake Coach with panelled sides, ex ambulance stock.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Due to the number of variations of GWR coaches that ran in service, at present we only supply the Frogmore GWR etched sides not a complete kit. To complete your coach, you will require additional items.
For all the coaches the following MJT components may be useful:

  • 2330S Sprung Coach Buffers coach buffers sprung
  • 2954 Coach Brake/Steam Pipes
  • 2941 Coach Ventilators
  • 3005 Coach Dynamos
  • 3006 Coach Vacuum Brake Cylinders
  • 3901 Roof Tanks
  • 3905 V Hangers
  • 3916 Battery Boxes
  • 3917 Battery Boxes
  • 2421 9ft American Bogies (Cosmetic) - for the K19 and K36 full brakes
  • 2222 9ft wheelbase CCU - for the K19 and K36 full brakes
  • 2559 9ft wheelbase rigid bogie frame - for the K19 and K36 full brakes

    A suitable coach floor can be obtained from David Geen as can Bullion Van Buffers and some other useful components.
    Other suitable components including scissor gangways and bogies can be obtained from Roxey models.

    Always use photos of coaches to enable you to select the correct underframe detail and bogies.

    Price: £26.60

    Temporarily Out of Stock

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